Kendall Bolt

Years Doing CrossFit: 8

"Fitness to serve"

Kendall Bolt

Kendall Bolt

Upon graduating from the Academy I was commissioned in the Navy and stationed in San Diego. I felt like I was an experienced athlete in the weight room at the time, but I thought some of my lifts I could use some help. I originally joined CrossFit Pacific Beach in 2010/11 thinking it would be a temporary membership. I thought I could receive minimal coaching that would benefit my lifting technique. Little did I know I would be stopping into Bryan’s gym.

After my first day in CFPB, I was hooked. I knew CFPB was the environment I needed in order to take myself to the next level as an athlete. The amount of knowledge that Bryan has when it comes to diet/nutrition, programming and technique is second to none.

I know if I had this knowledge in college about lifting and nutrition I would have been a far better athlete! No matter what kind of athlete you aspire to be, Bryan and Anders have top notch professional knowledge that will make you a better athlete and all around person.

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