Chris Madsen

"From ostheoperosis to opportunity"

Chris Madsen

My name is Chris Madsen and I am one of the most senior members of CrossFit PB at age 62. You might be wondering why someone so old would even walk through the doors of CrossFit PB (the name when I joined) so here goes. At age 58, I was diagnosed with osteoporosis. I was devastated. In my numb state, my brother walked me down the 4 blocks to the newly opened CrossFit on the corner of Garnet and Fanuel, saying that I needed to lift weights for my bones. I had walked by it before and thought that I just did not belong with strong people pushing barbells who were at least half my age. We talked with Anders and he enthusiastically took me on as either a charity case or a challenge or both! I started the next day with Coach Jenny and could barely walk home afterward. For the first month I could only lift the PVC pipe….yes, it took me a month to be able to lift the women’s bar!

This place has changed my life! I no longer have osteoporosis and I no longer worry about the possibility of having it. That does mean that I will be at CFPB for as long as I possibly can! It has given me so much confidence in my body, in my balance, in my ability to be active. I feel strong, I have upper body muscles that I have never had in my life. It has increased my endurance.

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