Anthony DeJulio

"Second Challenge"

Anthony DeJulio

This is the second CFPB Nutrition Challenge that I’ve done. I do it because the results are there – without fail. It’s an amazing reboot after the holiday season. I feel more energized while on these challenges and I feel much stronger during the workouts. This year – one of the coaches adjusted my macros to more carbs, less fat; giving me a bit more energy for workouts due to my body type – and I have seen the change in my body from that slight shift as well. The support from others, especially the coaches is a huge benefit to this challenge.
My main takeaway from the challenge is to stick with it and keep logging my diet on My Fitness Pal to stay as close to my macros as possible.

Accountability there is huge. Last year, when the competition was finished I stopped logging – and slowly started slipping eating more and more junk – this time around I knew not to stop that part of the program and I am still logging every day and heading into summer that has made all the difference.

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