Success Stories

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Anthony DeJulios success story

Anthony DeJulio

This is the second CFPB Nutrition Challenge that I've done. I do it because the results are there - without fail. It's an amazing reboot after the holiday season. I feel more energized while on these challenges and I feel much stronger during the workouts...

Ben Werners success story

Ben Werner

The nutrition challenge was a pretty eye-opening experience for me in a very positive way. I was expecting to simply eat healthier and drink less but it was much more than that. CFPB provided extremely detailed macro charts tailer fitted to my age/height/...

Celeste Rebers success story

Celeste Reber

This is a perfect time to start up at the gym not only because of the Challenge but because we have the most fun and effective workouts in all of PB and the greatest group of people who work out here, you will instantly feel at home. If you spend enough t...

Chris Madsens success story

Chris Madsen

My name is Chris Madsen and I am one of the most senior members of CrossFit PB at age 62. You might be wondering why someone so old would even walk through the doors of CrossFit PB (the name when I joined) so here goes. At age 58, I was diagnosed with ost...

Deaira Handugans success story

Deaira Handugan

We are so excited to announce our top female winner of the CFPB 6-week nutrition challenge. Congrats Dee! A big thanks to everyone who participated! Everyone put in some hard work & dedication. We are so proud of you! We hope that you can take what...

Eduardo Ceballoss success story

Eduardo Ceballos

Every January I do the nutrition challenge. It is a way to press a restart button and begin the year in a good way. After 3 years of doing the challenge, I have learned how to have a balanced diet throughout the year. Thanks to the coaches, eating healthy...

Ellie Robinsons success story

Ellie Robinson

Soccer & track mother of 2! Ellie has been doing Crossfit at PB for 2 years now. She’s known for her big smile and determination. Her hard work has definitely paid off! Congrats Ellie on your 6-week nutrition challenge transformation! You can fin...

Greg Longs success story

Greg Long

We are so excited to announce our top male and female winner of the CFPB 6-week nutrition challenge Greg Long! A big thanks to everyone who participated! Everyone put in some hard work & dedication. We are so proud of you! We hope that you can ta...

Phil Arringtons success story

Phil Arrington

Phill Arrington I am 175 yards from the green with my ball resting in the infamous Torrey Pines (South) rough on the 18th hole. A few deep breaths after I line up my 5 iron shot with a few practice swings, I go for it. Crack! The ball soars straight to...

Ryan Heidrichs success story

Ryan Heidrich

Congrats to member Ryan Heidrich on his incredible transformation! Ryan started a macro based plan this year during the nutrition challenge. He learned how to eat better and stuck to it. He’s able to enjoy the things he loves, go on vacation, and stu...

Shawn Paones success story

Shawn Paone

An incredible one year transformation of Shawn Paone! Shawn participated in our Crossfit program 4-5 days a week this past year. She also joined our macro based nutrition challenge in January. “I love the nutrition challenge, it’s always a...

Tracey Polivkas success story

Tracey Polivka

The challenge is a lifestyle tweak...coming off a super fun holiday season...keeping my cocktail intake to Friday/Saturdays...never lost any strength in the gym...actually improved with some lifting pr/pull ups/my times with rowing and running...keeping m...


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