Strength & Conditioning, Sweat, Da Daily D, Full Body Aesthetics WODs Sat Jan 9th 2021

Strength & Conditioning:

Teams of 2.
(Only 1 person works at a time.)

10min. Running Clock…
100 Cal Row
50 Toes-To-Bar
25 Deadlifts 225/155*
Max Push-Ups in remaining time

Rest 3min. Repeat For 3 Total Rounds

*Round 2: 275/185
*Round 3: 315/205
– Ladies: 75 Cal Row
– If you and your partner are really strong, you may up those deadlift numbers to whatever works for you. Or scale them if you need…


35min. to finish….
400m Run
50 Barbell Back Squats 75/55lbs.
400m Run
50 Barbell Push Press 75/55lbs.
400m Run
50 Plate Ground To Overheads
400m Run
50 Toes-To-Bar
400m Run
25 Barbell Back Squats 75/55lbs.
400m Run
25 Barbell Push Press 75/55lbs.
400m Run
25 Plate Ground To Overheads
400m Run
25 Toes-To-Bar

BIG cardio day! Can you finish it in the time cap!? Gotta MOVE!

I really like the speed you can get through it with the lighter weights here, but if you really wanna beef it up, feel free to go 95/65lbs đŸ™‚

Da Daily D:

Going to make today a fun cardio specific day. We haven’t had a day like this in a LONG time on this program. Enjoy!

200 Air Squats

100 Burpees

1 Mile Run

The only rest you get is the time you earn for finishing early! So, I recommend going hard on each section!

However, if you do not finish by the time cap, you must move on to the next section regardless!

What kind of splits can you throw down on this!? Let us know in the comment section!

Full Body Aesthetics: Day 27 Cycle 6 New Cycle starts on MONDAY!


5min. of Barbell Back Rack Lunges

5min. of Incline Barbell Bench Press

5min. of Single Arm DB Rows
*Pick a number and keep switching sides the whole time. I suggest 5-7 reps

5min. of Leaning Lateral DB Raises
*Pick a number and keep switching sides the whole time. I suggest 6-10 reps

5min. of Banded Tricep “Push” downs

5min. of Barbell Bicep Curls
*Just need the barbell today. Definitely do not need anymore weight than that.

5min. of Weighted Hanging Knee Raises

Similar to all other Density Saturday’s we do, but for the recovery week we are going to be doing 5min. windows to account for the lesser volume that we need today.

Get warmed up and use a similar weight that you’ve been using all month.



NO WARM UP SETS are included in any of these sets and reps, so be sure to do 1-2 sets in each section to get warm, but do not count them as “working sets.”

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