30 Day Kickstarter!

Get started at your own pace
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The Kickstarter Program
Below is a breakdown of how the 30 day Kickstarter program breaks down.

30 Day Kickstarter!


30 Day Kickstarter!

Get started at your own pace

Our Kickstarter Program starts you out on the right foot. We meet you where you are, figure out how to best make this work for you and create a plan for YOUR LIFE. Your goals are different from someone else's goals. Your schedule is your own and your pace is decided by you. Our one and ONLY job is to help you feel better through this journey. We start with a consult, this includes going over some daily habits and creating new routines. We will check some measurements like Body Fat and weight, and see you your mobility and flexibility is to determine where you may be susceptible to injury. Next we schedule you 3 personal training sessions, we get you moving and familiar with the gym and give you someone you can count on to answer all your questions and just be there for you from day one. In between your sessions you are welcome to try out as many classes as you would like, we'll even schedule them out for you in your Kickstarter calendar. At the end of your 30 days you will feel ready to make a decision as to which program suits you!


  • Intro to Fitness Consult
  • Fundamentals with 3 Personal Training sessions ($180 Value)
  • Unlilmited access to classes ($169 Value)
  • Body Fat Testing
  • 30 day mentoring with one of our coaches
  • Check-ins with your coach throughout your 30 days
  • Nutrition Coaching
  • Get started without any guesswork
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