Our Story

Where we came from...

CrossFit PB, established in 2010, was built with a belief that fitness should be the best part of everyone’s day. The ability to learn, play, get stronger, and healthier around a supportive community is fundamental to human development. We started as just two guys who loved working out and hated wearing sleeves. We wanted to show people that there was so much more to fitness than their globo-gym membership. We competed in local competitions and sent many teams and individual athletes to regionals over the years. In 2016 the gym changed management but still has a solid foundation as one of PB’s favorite place to get in shape, compete, and balance out a healthy lifestyle with the most fun community of people.

What we do...

On the surface, we teach fitness, nutrition, and health. One step beyond that, however, is the confidence and empowerment that comes with achieving goals and being proud of the way you look and feel.

At CrossFit PB, we pride ourselves on the quality of our coaching staff, the quality of our community, and the facilities in which you train. The days of training in dingy garages is over. You want a gym where you feel comfortable, with a professional coaching staff, and supportive community.

Who works out here...

Located in the heart of the business district, CrossFit PB is the premier training facility in Pacific Beach. Catering to a diverse athlete membership from guys training to be NAVY SEALS to pregnant mom’s getting ready for birth, we are fully-equipped to program workouts for all fitness levels. You never have to worry if the workout will be too hard or too easy we have options for those who have never set foot inside a gym and for CrossFit Games Level athletes. CrossFit PB’ facility is a welcoming training destination for anyone and everyone. Our goal for you is to maximize life and provide a full-service health and wellness experience.


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