Are you happy with your score from 20.1? Are you considered giving it one more go on Monday? With less then five days until 20.2 drops, it’s vital you plan your week 

If you are not repeating 20.1 Monday, skip ahead to the Week 2 Game Plan below.



20.1 Repeat Strategy

Did you come out too fast and blow it in the second half? Did you pace correctly but know you can push a little harder to shave some time? Did something else go horribly wrong? Now’s the chance to give this one another go! CNS fatigue is relatively low for 20.1 and it shouldn’t be too painful of a repeat, so let’s tackle this!

If you came out too hot and crumbled apart, take a look at my earlier blog post on 20.1 Strategy for some tips on pacing.

If you gave it 100% and held a steady pace, it’s time to dig deep and give it 110%. I firmly believe many Athletes are capable of up to a 10% reduction in time or increase in rounds, so let’s take a look at an example pace for a 10% performance gain.



Our example athlete, Chad, completed 9 full rounds at the 15 minute time cap. That translates to an average pace of 1 minute 40 seconds. If you didn’t finish under the cap but want to find your average pace, divide 900 by your total reps competed, multiple that by 18 and you will have your average pace in seconds.

Chad’s target pace for a 10% improvement, is 1 minute and 30 seconds (100sec*0.9).

Now before you slam a bang and head in to crush it, let’s work out a round by round target pacing strategy for your best chance at success!


Chad’s Pacing Targets for 90      Second Splits


Target Pace (sec)

Elapsed Time































While your actual pacing fluctuations may be more or less elastic then Chad’s, most people will start out a little fast, settle into a grove, slow a bit towards rounds 5-7 and then give it that last juice for an all out finish.

You could write out your target finish times for each round on a white boards. I’m not saying you should look at it every round, but knowing where you should be after the first round and when you settle into your pace may be helpful.



Open Week 2 Game Plan

Let’s work out two example scenarios of what your week may look like.


If on Monday you are/have repeated 20.1

Mon- 20.1 & Mobility

Tue- Active recovery/rest day

Wed- Go Hard!

Thur- Active Recovery/ Rest Day

Fri- 20.2 & Mobility


If you happy with your score and getting ready for 20.2

Mon- Hard day/ Full effort

Tue- Light day/ 70% Effort

Wed- Hard day

Thur- Active Recovery

Fri- 20.2 & Mobility


The Open is one workout each week that your really have to give everything you got, so it’s important that athletes have at least one high effort training session each week that they are able to push hard.

If you are doing two a days or going 100% every workout leading up to the next Open WOD, you are NOT helping yourself by performing these sessions at sub-maximal peak performance.

If your body is not recovered to give your best performance on these high intensity days, consider resting more and intentionally varying effort throughout the week.

The skills, speed, and strength you have developed in the months of programming leading up to Open season will now just need to be touched upon each week. When Friday arrives, you will be ready to give it your best!


To arrive at your best performance yet, nutrition and recovery also must be dialed in during these next 4 weeks. Ensure that you are consistently drinking enough water throughout the week. Strive for 8 hours of sleep in a dark room. Keep the carbohydrates flowing during the week. I’d  also recommend keeping your calories at about 10% over maintenance for peak performance.

Don’t forget that if you will be completing 20.2 Friday, these lifestyle decisions are vital a minimum of 2 days out for peak performance. Stay away from any food intolerances and alcohol 40 hours prior.

Final Words

Best of luck if you are repeating 20.1 today! Believe in yourself and give it your best!

Consider my strategy guide and check out some others on the web. The Morning Chalk Up is a great resource to find other top blog posts.

Stay tuned for my 20.2 Strategy Guide drilling early Friday morning and get ready to crush it like no other! 💪🏽


-Nick Alexander

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