Friday June 7th 2019 CrossFit, Strong & Sweat WODs

YES! It’s back, our in house competition is coming July 13. Ready your swolemate, registration opens June 10th.


A.) Back Squat (7 x 3)
28min. EMOM:
Min. 1) 3 Back Squats (Heavy as possible)
Min. 2) Pulling of Choice
Min. 3) 15/12 Cal Assault Bike or Row or 200m Run
Min. 4) 15 American KB Swings 70/53

Pulling options:
1.) 15 Pull-Ups
2.) 5 Weighted Pull-Ups
3.) 3-5 Unbroken Muscle Ups
4.) 10 Rope Pull Ups (drape the rope over the pull up bar, one hand high, one hand low and pull up 😉

* You can climb a little on the back squat, but ideally the same weight the whole time.


Upper Body (Push Dominant + Core)

A. Bench Press – Test 1-RM

B. One-Arm DB Overhead Press – Build to heaviest set of 5 reps PER ARM

C. Barbell “Floor Press” – Reps 10-8-6 (increasing weight)

D. One-Arm Overhead Tricep Extensions
3 sets of 8-12 Reps PER ARM
First 2 sets towards top of rep range, shy of failure
Last set towards bottom of rep range, heavy as possible

E. AMRAP 6 min:

Push-ups Reps 5-10-15-20-25 etc…
10 GHD or Decline Sit-ups after each set of Push-ups


A.) 3 Rounds:
1min. of max reps: Plate Overhead Lunges 45/25lb.
1min. of max reps: Box Jumps 20″
1min. of max reps: Russian KB Swings 70/53lb
1min. of max reps: Glute Bridges with a DB
1min. of max reps: DB Box Step Overs 20″
1min. of max reps: Burpees over KB
1min. REST

Rest 5min.

B.) Not For Time:
50 KB Turkish Get-Ups
*Switch Arms Every 5 reps
** Pick a weight that will take you about 10min. to finish

*If space allows, you may use a barbell for the glute bridges. Also, use a box or rogue brick to prop your back on. Hip Bridge or Hip Thrust = Same Thing 😉
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