Garnet Gauntlet

Get ready for some of the most fun WODs in the best atmosphere with your favorite swolemate by your side! Email Jenny to sign up!

Price: $65

Event Date:September 21st, 2019 8:00 am

Our annual CFPB competition is back with a new name and a new attitude. Get ready for some of the most fun WODs in the best atmosphere with your favorite swolemate by your side! Two person teams of either two men or two women will battle it out in the Scaled or RX division to see who is the fittest in PB! Only 8 team spots are available for visitors so don’t wait, this event WILL sell out!

The WODs:

WOD 1: “Detonate”
Buy in: Rx 30 Syncro Toes to Bar / Scaled 50 Barbell Weighted sit-ups (alternating as needed) 
50 Thrusters (Rx Men 115/ Rx Women 85) (Scaled Men 95/ Scaled Women 65)
50 Back Squats (RxM 205/RxW 155)(ScM 165/ScW 115)
50 Hang Power Snatch (RxM 115/RxW 85)(ScM 95/ScW 65)
Cash Out: 50 Cal Row ladies do 40

Time Cap 14 min


Athletes will have 1 barbell to share and it will start empty.  At 3,2,1 GO Rx athletes will jump to the pull up bar and complete 30 synchronized reps. Scaled Athletes will sit facing each other with their barbell between them and begin doing sit ups holding the bar up with locked out arms the entire time. After 30 reps for Rx and 50 for Scaled they will, load weight with collars onto their barbells and start their 50 Thrusters.  Only one athlete may work at a time for the remainder of the workout and reps can be split in any way between the two partners. After the Thrusters the athletes may move the barbell into a rack and load the bar for back squats.  Again only one partner working at a time to complete 75 reps however you want. After the squats the bar will come out of the rack and weight adjusted for the Hang Power Snatch.  Athletes must work through 50 reps here splitting them however they want before moving onto the final part of the workout.  50/40 Calories on the Rower.  Athletes will have 1 rower for their team and can split the calories however they want. If the team does not finish the workout under the time cap their score will be total reps accumulated in the 14 min.

Please direct any questions to

WOD 2: “To the Max”
3 Rounds for total reps
1 min max reps Burpees to plate
1 min max DB Snatches (50/35)(40/25)
1 min max Double Unders / Scaled is Single Unders


Only one athletes works at a time and you can split the time however you want there is no minimum requirement. Athlete 1 will start facing a 45 lb plate on GO they will drop to the ground behind the plate (the athlete cannot touch the plate during the burpee part of the movement) after showing hips and chest on the ground at the same time the athlete will pop up and hop on top of the plate. They can then hop back off the plate and right into their next burpee.  Athletes can also choose to step back into their burpees instead of jumping if they would rather.  At any time during the minute athlete 2 can take over for athlete 1.  After 1 minute athlete must transition to DB snatches. The DB must travel from both heads of the DB touching the ground to locked out overhead in one smooth motion.  The athlete must not use their hand on their leg or any other type of assist from other body parts.  The athlete will also get called for a no rep if the DB is dropped from ANY height. Athletes may switch off any way during the time. The 3rd minute athletes will switch to double unders.  Only one athlete working at a time and athletes must remain in the designated area for DUs for reps to count.

WOD 3: “It’s Complicated”
8 min to find the heaviest weight possible for the barbell complex
3 Deadlifts
2 Hang Cleans (power or Sq)
1 Shoulder to Overhead
Then… 3 min max reps complex
1 Toes to Bar
1 Chin Over Bar
1 Chest to Bar 
=1 rep for each time completed
Scaled is:
1 Knees to Chest
1 Toes to Bar
1 Chin Over Bar Pull Up
=1 rep for each time completed

Optional (for 2 points each time completed)
1 Toes to Bar
1 Chest to Bar
1 Bar Muscle Up


On Go athletes will start with one empty barbell, they can use the time however they wish working towards the heaviest weight for the complex for EACH athlete.  The teams score will be combined total weight completed. If an athlete fails a weight the athlete either has to attempt it again and make it for a score OR take weight off and successfully make a second rep at a weight they already made successfully.  For example if you make 200, then fail at 205 you have to either make 205 or make 200 a second time for your score of 200 to count. If you fail and run out of time you will get no score or only your partner’s weight will count for your team if they made all of their reps. As with any barbell complex you may not set the bar down once you’ve started the complex. Deadlifts must be touch and go, cleans must be from above the knee, and Jerk can be shoulder to overhead any way. After 8 min athletes will move to their pull up bar station and begin the gymnastics complex. Only one athlete on the bar at a time, and there is no minimum requirement. Athletes must get through the entire complex without dropping from the bar.  They can combine movements if possible as long as the requirement for the movement is met.  This is gonna be FUN!!!

Garnet Gauntlet Schedule 

Athlete Check in: 8:15am-8:30 *The faster you check in the sooner we can start the briefing and you can get warmed up. 


Athlete & Judges Briefing 8:30am-8:50


W1 Detonate:  Heats every 20min
Heat 1 9am-9:14 
Heat 2 9:20-9:34 
Heat 3 9:40-9:54
Heat 4 10am-10:14 
Heat 5 10:20-10:34 


W2 To the MAX: Heats every 12min
Heat 1 11:10-11:19 
Heat 2 11:22-11:31 
Heat 3 11:34-11:43 
Heat 4 11:46-11:55
Heat 5 11:58-12:07 


W3 It’s Complicated: Heats every 15min.
Heat 1 12:45-12:55 
Heat 2 1:00-1:10 
Heat 3 1:15-1:25 
Heat 4 1:30-1:40 
Heat 5 1:45-1:55 


Taco Party! 2:00
Awards Ceremony 2:15


Heat & Lane Assignments
Your Heat and Lane assignments will be the same for every workout. So if you are Heat 3 Lane 3 you will always be in Heat 3 and in Lane 3. 


Heat 1
TRyan: Lane 1
Jacked in the Box: Lane 2
Darkside Troopers: Lane 3 
Matt & Dave: Lane 4


Heat 2
Bromosas: Lane 1
2 Dudes 1 WOD: Lane 2
Orange Bang and Cham-Pain: Lane 3
NOLF Squad: Lane 4

Heat 3 
Two Peas in a WOD: Lane 1
Gregory’s Disciples: Lane 2
Hook Grip & Hair Flip: Lane 3
WonderWald: Lane 4


Heat 4 
Sweet Fitatoes: Lane 1
Bear Republic: Lane 2
Gymnasty: Lane 3


Heat 5 
Waist Management: Lane 1
Sure: Lane 2
Booty and The Brazilian: Lane 3


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