Da Daily D

CFPB is rolling out the most recent program developed by CrossFit Chalk. The Daily D is a program that is oriented around dumbbell work (hence the D). There’s a solid variety to the programming so you’ll see workouts that are time based, high rep, low rep, cardio intensive, bodyweight movements etc. The goal is to get a great workout even when you are away from your home gym; so if you’re busy with kids at home and have limited equipment or if you’re traveling and pretty much live out of a hotel this would be a great option.

The WODS are posted everyday so be sure to throw in some rest days, listen to your body. There is also a Sunday Funday that is posted on Sunday’s (duh?). This consists of mostly light cardio for recovery, take advantage and get outside if you can; for those that are traveling it’s a great opportunity to check out the area or hit the hotel pool, for a recovery swim.

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