CrossFit WOD Tuesday May 7th 2019


A.) Lower Body Super set day!
Bulgarian Split Squats
8 rep on each leg
immediately into;
8 Single Leg Deadlifts on each leg

REST 60-90sec.

REPEAT for 20min.

*Both, Bulgarian Split Squats and the Deadlifts require your back foot to be on a bench or box. Make sure you break parallel and your knee isn’t going too far in front of your toes on the split squats.  On the deadlift treat it just like a regular powerlifting style deadlift.  Hinge at the hips and don’t bend the knees until the bar is below them.

B.) 12min. AMRAP:
8 Wall Balls 20/14lb
8 American KB Swings 70/53lb
30 Double Unders

*Add 2 reps to the Wall Balls and KB Swings after every round. Round 2 is 10s, Round 3 is 12s, and so on… The dubs always stay at 30.

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