CrossFit WOD Tues July 2nd 2019

Meet at the gym at 10am!
Registration closes in 6 days! Click the photo to get registered.
July 10th Join us for our clinic of the month with PT Dr Jereme to tell your lower back pain to SUCK IT! (Part 1) click the photo to register!



Every 7min. X 5 Rounds:
400m run
400m Row or .7 mile Bike
15 pull-ups
3 Snatches (climbing)

I would also like everyone to get a good amount of weight on the bar BEFORE this thing kicks off. Having a challenging weight on the whole time is really going to make this workout great or so so… We had our max session of squats yesterday and our max deadlifts tomorrow, so I thought today would be a great day for the cardio this week.

If snatches are still not your strong suit, then go lighter and sets of 5-6 reps or complete them from the hang instead if that is more comfortable right now. Remember… LATS, chest tall, and SWEEP into that hip crease.

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