CrossFit, Sweat & High Intensity Bodybuilding WODs Sat Feb 8th 2020

These are the official parking rules and you may be towed if you ignore them.
A special Valentines day contest for our couples! Put your names and the date in the sparkly envelope at the front desk every time you workout together. Every workout together is an entry and increases your chances of winning. Remember if your person doesn’t work out here, they can always try 2 classes for free!

CrossFit Partner Workout:

You go I go style, one person works at a time.

A.) 50 Rounds:
2 Deadlifts 225/155
2 Lateral Burpees Over The Bar

Rest 5min.

B.) 25 Rounds:
4 Thrusters 95/65
4 Pull-Ups

I know the numbers look crazy, but I promise it goes quick!

The Goals is to have you finish in 12-15min. range on each, so if you want to bump the weight up a bit to slow you down then I definitely advise that. Most of you will probably be moving at 10-15sec. per round.

That 5min. Rest is there to give you enough time to recharge to go HARD again and change your weights out. Just need 1 bar.

Time CAP: 35min.

Cool Down:

Walk 200m then

1 min each side



30sec. of WORK x 30sec. of Rest

60 Cal Assault Bike
60 KB Squat Cleans 53/35lb.
60 Toes-To-Bar
60 Cal Row
60 Push-Ups
60 DB Russian Twists 35/25lb.

Time Stops at 35min.

Quick Warm-Up today and lets get right into it. You may complete this anyway you like. Break it up, start anywhere, doesn’t matter. Just get it done! Just keep track of what you’re doing and don’t forget to go HARD. 30 seconds goes by FAST.

ADV Add in 60 burpees at the end 🙂

HIBB (high intensity body building):

A.) 10min. EMOM:

5 Muscle Snatches (135/95 is a good weight, but you may be able to do more. Just makes sure it is unbroken and repeatable)

B.) 5 Sets:

2-3 Strict Press

immediately into;

3oom Row at 90%+

Rest 2min.

C.) 100 Tricep extensions for Time. (Can be done with a set of DBS or a band on the pull up bar with a thick PVC pipe. Use a weight that is between a 10-15rep max. You will have to break obviously, but keep rest breaks as short as possible)

D.) 100 Barbell Curls for Time. 45/35lb bar. *On BOTH the Tricep and Bicep movements, be sure to take your time on the way DOWN. 2-3sec negatives. You will most likely need to break a lot, that’s fine.

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