CrossFit, Sweat & HIBB WODs Sat July 6th 2019

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All the WODs one more time.
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*Ben, if you have more than 12 you can sub bike for shuttle sprint reps (30ft)
Every 7min. x 5 Rounds: (35min.)
Min. 1) 40 Cal Bike + 100 Wall Balls 20/14
Min. 2) 40 Cal Row + 100 Toes-To-Bar
Min. 3) 40 Cal Bike + 100 Deadlifts
Min. 4) 40 Cal Row + Burpees
Min. 5) 40 Cal Bike + MAX Hang Power Cleans 135/95

Teams of 2. Only 1 person works at a time.

ADV is 50/40 Cals, 30/20lb ball, and 155/105.

Also, you may trade any section for 30 Muscle Ups 🙂

Ladies regular RX is 30 Cals of everything.


35 min to finish…
800m Run (200m intervals)
100 Push Press 75/55lb
100 Sit-Ups
100 American KB Swings 53/35lb
150 Air Squats
100 American KB Swings 53/35lb
100 Sit-Ups
100 Push Press 75/55lb
800m Run (200m intervals)

Teams of 2. Only 1 person works at a time.

*Feet anchored on KB for sit-ups, so that you can move a little quicker.

*This is going to be a close one on finish time! Excited to see how you do.


A.) 4 Sets
8-10 reps OH Reverse Lunge (Heavy as possible)
Rest 30 sec then:
8 DB Bent over rows (heavy as possible)
Rest 30 sec then:
2 min max cals on the assault bike
Rest 2-3 min as needed

Rest as needed (8-20min) then:

B.) 10 sets of 10 reps
Barbell Biceps Curls (add weight if you can but the bar is probably fine)
-Rest 1 min after each set

C.) Optional 3-4 sets
1 min Plank on your Hands (45# weight on your back)
-Rest 1 min after each set

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