CrossFit & Strong WODs Wed Sept 11th 2019

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Prevent injury and improve your mobility with our daily cool downs. Find them at the bottom of each WOD. Keep in mind these are to be done outside of class time and one your own out of the way of the next class.


A.) Push Press (Week 1 of 4 ) Superset w/ Bent Over Rows & Double Unders
After a few warm up sets complete:

Set 1) 5 x 65%
Set 2) 5 x 75%
Set 3) Max reps at 85%
Set 4) *As soon as you hit your last rep on set 3, rack it, strip it down about 20-30% and go immediately into 1 more max effort set.

**SUPERSET with;
6-8 HEAVY DB Bent Over Rows (ea. arm)
immediately into;
50 Double Unders

B.) The Meat Man 10 min. AMRAP:
60 air squats
50 push-ups
40 alt. db snatches 50/35
30 box jumps 24/20
20 handstand push-ups
10 Jerks 135/95
Can you get back to the air squats!?

ADV 185/135 Jerks

C.) Accessory Work
This is something I would like you to do today AT SOME POINT. In the spirit of 9/11, I would like you ALL to do 9 minutes and 11 seconds of one movement of your choice.

Burpees are the easiest for everyone to do anywhere at anytime, Step Ups in a weighted vest is fitting as well.  But some of you advanced athletes might want to do something like muscle ups for 9min. and 11sec.  Whatever you want, but it must be 1 movement for the entire duration. Tag us on IG at: @crossfitpacificbeach and we would love to repost and help spread positive energy on this day.

P.S. Make a friend do it with you! In the gym, in your apartment, on the beach, ANYWHERE! #merica
Cool Down:

Easy Assault Bike 2 min then move through these stretches spending 20-30 sec on each one.


Wednesday 9/11
Upper Body Hypertrophy
No necessary specific metric-tracking for hypertrophy day
On “Hypertrophy” days this week (for both upper and lower body) we will be implementing a protocol I am calling the “20-15-10+” Method, and here’s how it works:
-First set of 20 is super light. Slow tempo of movement, pause at contraction of every rep
Next set of 15 reps is slightly heavier. Still controlled movement and short pause at contraction
Final set is heavier to FAILURE (goal: 10+ reps). Faster reps, just getting work done (no squeezing etc…)

A. Alternate Movements, Resting 1-2 min between sets of each
Incline DB Bench
DB Seal Rows (incline)

B. Alternate Movements, Resting 1-2 min between sets of each
Seated DB Overhead Press
Strict Pull-ups (see note below)

***Note that EVERYONE should use assistance for the 20 and 15-rep set. There is nobody that can do 20 Pull-ups unbroken at 30X2 tempo… so save the “unassisted” set for the 10+ if you are capable. For the “assistance” you should perform either:
Rack Pull-ups
Band-Assisted Pull-ups

C. Alternate Movements, Resting 1-2 min between sets of each
DB PJR Pullovers
DB Lateral Raises

D. Alternate Movements, Resting 1-2 min between sets of each
Standing DB Hammer Curls (both arms simultaneously)
Decline EZ or Barbell Tricep Extensions

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