CrossFit & Strong WODs Wed Dec 4th 2019

Challenge yourself this December to fight the Holiday slump! Pick something health or fitness related to do every day during the month of Dec. No skipping days! Get committed. Use #cfpbdecchallenge to show us some love!
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A.) Every 5min. x 5 Rounds (work with a partner and share Rowers, Bikes and Bars):
500m Row or 0.7 mile Bike
5 Hang Power Cleans
5 Deadlifts
*Warm up to the weight you want to use for the workout. I would like you stay there the entire time. You may add or take away a little, but you should really be shooting for the perfect weight and sticking with it. NO SINGLES on the deads. 5 touch and go. The cleans can be singles though. Chooses the right weight and this is nasty.
Suggested weights:
RX 155/105 and 255/185
ADV 185/135 and 315/205
Share everything and Partners will just start 2 min delayed or as soon as partner 1 finishes their cardio.

Optional Extra Credit
Pick 1:
1.) 400m Farmer Carry (35s/53s/70s)
2.) 3 Sets of max unbroken barbell sit-ups 45/35lb. Rest 1min. After Each Set
3.) 100 Russian Twists with 35/20lb. DB


Cool Down:

Walk 200m then:

2 min here, do it. Trust me you need it!
1 min of each on each side


Wednesday 12/4 – Conditioning

Please keep in mind the CrossFit Class is also Rowing and Biking today so share 1 piece of equipment and start staggered and just be aware of their class sizes since Strong class is usually only one or 2 of you guys. 

A. AMRAP 12 min:
Run 1 mile or Row 2000m/1600m (male/female)
60 One-Arm KB Front Squats (switch arms every 10 reps unbroken)
Max Russian KBS in remaining time
Rest as needed

B. 30ft Shuttle Run Intervals or Assault Bike Intervals
The rest time remains the same each round, so you should increase intensity/output level as work time decreases
3 min on, 2 min off
2 min on, 2 min off
1 min on, 2 min off
30 seconds on, 2 min off x 3 sets

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