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Aaron grew up in Missouri playing football, baseball, basketball and running track. He joined the military in 2004 and was a NAVY diver for 10 years where he was stationed in Hawaii and Florida. He started CrossFit in 2007 and began coaching on the side in 2010 during command PT 3 days a week. Aaron has been coaching full time since 2014. He went to the California Regionals on a team in 2016, 2017 and 2018. In 2018 his team qualified for the games before one of the team members was disqualified.

One food Aaron couldn’t live without is pepperoni pizza! His hobbies outside the gym would be hiking, camping, ultimate frisbee and a little backyard foozball. He also loves to workout to country music.


  • CrossFit Level 1
  • CrossFit Level 2
  • CrossFit Gymnastics
  • CrossFit Football

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