Through accountability we help you build confidence and good habits to reach your goals.

  • Second Challenge

    This is the second CFPB Nutrition Challenge that I've done. I do it because the results are there - without fail. It's an amazing reboot after the holiday ...

    Anthony DeJulio

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    Anthony DeJulios success story
  • Sustainability

    The nutrition challenge was a pretty eye-opening experience for me in a very positive way. I was expecting to simply eat healthier and drink less but it wa...

    Ben Werner

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    Ben Werners success story
  • Nutrition Challenge Success!

    This is a perfect time to start up at the gym not only because of the Challenge but because we have the most fun and effective workouts in all of PB and th...

    Celeste Reber

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    Celeste Rebers success story
  • From ostheoperosis to opportunity

    My name is Chris Madsen and I am one of the most senior members of CrossFit PB at age 62. You might be wondering why someone so old would even walk through...

    Chris Madsen

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    Chris Madsens success story
  • Womens winner of the 2019 Nutrition Challenge

    We are so excited to announce our top female winner of the CFPB 6-week nutrition challenge. Congrats Dee! A big thanks to everyone who participated! Eve...

    Deaira Handugan

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    Deaira Handugans success story
  • Fresh start

    Every January I do the nutrition challenge. It is a way to press a restart button and begin the year in a good way. After 3 years of doing the challenge, I...

    Eduardo Ceballos

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    Eduardo Ceballoss success story
  • Meet Ellie!

    Soccer & track mother of 2! Ellie has been doing Crossfit at PB for 2 years now. She’s known for her big smile and determination. Her hard work has d...

    Ellie Robinson

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    Ellie Robinsons success story
  • Winner of the 2019 Nutrition Challenge

    We are so excited to announce our top male and female winner of the CFPB 6-week nutrition challenge Greg Long! A big thanks to everyone who participat...

    Greg Long

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    Greg Longs success story
  • Speedy Recovery

    Phill Arrington I am 175 yards from the green with my ball resting in the infamous Torrey Pines (South) rough on the 18th hole. A few deep breaths after...

    Phil Arrington

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    Phil Arringtons success story
  • Macro Plans

    Congrats to member Ryan Heidrich on his incredible transformation! Ryan started a macro based plan this year during the nutrition challenge. He learned ...

    Ryan Heidrich

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    Ryan Heidrichs success story
  • Kicking off the year right

    An incredible one year transformation of Shawn Paone! Shawn participated in our Crossfit program 4-5 days a week this past year. She also joined our...

    Shawn Paone

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    Shawn Paones success story
  • Consistent effort

    The challenge is a lifestyle tweak...coming off a super fun holiday season...keeping my cocktail intake to Friday/Saturdays...never lost any strength in th...

    Tracey Polivka

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    Tracey Polivkas success story


January 13th2020

2020 Nutrition Challenge

Kick 2020 off right with a nutrition plan to help you get closer to your goals.

Price: $100

Event Date: January 13th, 2020 12:00 am

2020 Nutrition Challenge

This 6 week nutrition challenge will empower you to make better decisions surrounding your health.  You get a personalized diet plan based on your activity level and weight, meal plan, grocery lists, recipes, weekly food log checks, weekly educational me...

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Open 20.5 What’s up guys?!  We’ve arrived at the 5th and final week of the CrossFit open. Hopefully everyone has made it through unscathed and possibly set a PR or two. For the final workout we have a nice three movement workout consisting of 40 ring muscle-ups, 80 cal row and 120 wall balls. The ...

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  OPEN 20.4 Week 4 of the CrossFit Open has arrived and many of you are rejoicing that a heavy workout has finally arrived! This is a chipper style workout but it’s really all about the barbell and testing your ability to perform heavy clean and jerks under fatigue. INITIAL THOUGHTS We have another movement ...

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