On Monday April 2nd, both the CrossFit and Strong Programs will have a new cycle. This will be a brief overview of what to expect for the next 12+ weeks of training.

CrossFit Class

The general focus of the cycle is on Interval training; both single and mixed modal. An example of single-modality training would be running or rowing intervals. Mixed modal is the combination of multiple different movements in one workout; such as power snatches, running and toes to bar (i.e. “CrossFit”).

On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, the training will generally consist of strength work, some interval training or an EMOM, and possibly a short metcon. On Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, you can expect mostly interval work with some longer conditioning pieces occasionally. On Tuesdays, we will try to pick one “skill” to work on at the beginning of class (oftentimes a gymnastics bodyweight movement).

Strong Program

The new cycle of STRONG will be unique, and quite different from the last cycle. The training will take place on a 4-day repeating cycle, over the course of a 3-day week. The program will alternate upper body and lower body training in the following manner:

Monday – Day 1 (Upper Horizontal Push/Pull)
Wednesday – Day 2 (Legs, Quad dominant)
Friday – Day 3 (Upper Vertical Push/Pull)
Monday – Day 4 (Legs, Hip/Hamstring dominant)
Wednesday – Day 1
Friday – Day 2
Monday – Day 3

There will be a lot of lifting jam-packed into each session. For this reason, some of the metabolic work at the end of the training will be performed running outside or on Rower and Assault Bike.

One exciting component will be the addition of the Power Clean on Day 4. There will also be some abdominal and core work added throughout the program.

Just like the prior cycle, there will be certain movements that repeat week to week. These are meant to be tracked and used as metrics to assess progress. There will also be a series of movements on each day that change week to week. The proper progression protocol for each repeated movement will be written into the training.


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