CrossFit training is at the core of San Diego Athletics. The community aspect of the CrossFit class is part of what makes it so enjoyable. Friends hanging out, working together, socializing, and inevitably lying on the ground in a sweaty heap together every now and then.

There is a new program starting at SDA on January 8th (the same day that the annual 6-week Nutrition Challenge commences). The “Strong” program is a strength-based program built around the methodologies of bodybuilding with a heavy dose of common sense strength programming.

Why should you be interested in this program?

Sometimes you just need a short (or single-day) hiatus from the CrossFit grind

  • Mentally, you don’t have another WOD in you after a long day of work
  • You check the WOD and the site of Bar-Facing Burpees is nauseating
  • Your shoulders are smashed and catching a snatch feels like a strike from the Gods
  • Your (insert bodypart) is hurting you, and you thought about staying home, but you’d love to still move and get a solid endorphin rush

On the other side of the spectrum, maybe you just need a long-term break from CrossFit training. Or maybe you never really got much into the CrossFit thing, but you loved our old Bodybuilding program and you don’t want to miss out on the community feel. Maybe you love lifting weights, but just want to mix it up and try new stuff. The thought of fighting over a bench and training alone at 24-hour fitness basically means you won’t ever use that terrible membership, anyways.

Enter the “Strong” program. Lift weights in a structured and intelligent manner; hangout with your friends; get results; recover like a boss, and feel great!

The Strong program will consist of 3x per week training on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Many of the movements will be familiar:

Bench Press
Back Squat
Overhead Press
Bent-over Row variations
+ many more

You won’t find any Olympic Lifting. You won’t find any workouts performed “for time.” You won’t find many movements that are strenuous on the joints. The composition of the program will include some mini circuits, some work:rest ratio training, supersets, some high-rep hypertrophy (muscle-building) work as well as some low-rep strength work. Some aspects of the program will stay consistent week to week so that you can gauge progress, while other components of the program will change each session. You will always be challenged, but you will never feel the need to lie on the floor convulsing from agony.

This program will be a welcome change for many that truly enjoy training, but don’t always love the intensity of the CrossFit program. Your body will feel fantastic! While you will probably still get sore, you won’t ever feel completely demolished and beatdown from your workout.

The program will be offered at the following times, to operate alongside standard CF classes:

Monday and Wednesday
630am, 12pm, 5pm, 7pm

630am, 12pm, 5pm, 6pm
Additional Details:

  1. Athletes will warm-up with the class
  2. The daily workout will be presented in a short video brief on an IPad in the back of the gym
  3. The cost will be $99 per month
  4. CrossFit memberships include this program as a value-add free of charge

The Strong program is a great opportunity for you to incorporate options into your training; an alternative to the daily WOD. It’s also a fantastic way for you to finally get your non-CrossFit friends to come to the gym with you! All friends are totally welcome to come try a few classes for free.

We are very excited about this new program, and we’re confident that you will get stronger, look better, have fun, feel recovered and look forward to each training session!



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