Left to right: Sarah, Kristin, Candace, & Adri (and all their beautiful babies)

Candace Hiddlestone first caught sight of Andrea Perry at G3 Kids, a gymnastics, parkour, and tumbling gym for kids.

She went home and told her boyfriend, “I have a girl crush. Her body is insane,” Candace said.

Candace finally worked up the courage to ask Andrea what she did to work out, and that’s when Andrea told her the secret: a mom’s class at San Diego Athletics, with workouts specifically tailored for the group by owner Jenny DeVeaux.

And the best part? Candace could bring her kids.

Full Body Transformation

San Diego Athletics is primarily a CrossFit gym, but at 10:00am on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday the gym hosts a group of four to six women and their children, mostly infants, toddlers, and preschoolers.

Andrea, the woman Candace saw at G3, has been coming to the class for one and half years. She has a two year old and a four year old, and is due with her third child at the end of November.

Andrea (6 months pregnant) and her daughter Sage.

“I’ve never felt stronger,” Andrea said, “and Jenny is the difference.”

“My body changed,” she said, I have more muscle tone, and I’ve never felt more fit. My body feels optimized.”

Adri and Owner/Coach Jenny

Jenny’s class incorporates light weights and high reps into an hour and half of high-intensity training.

“She’s so creative in her approach,” Andrea said about Jenny’s workouts, “and every workout is different. It’s fast-paced, but it doesn’t feel like you are working hard. It’s like personal training,” she said.

Kristin Pelosi, a cross country runner in high school and college, has been coming to the Mom’s Class for two years, and she said it’s changed her body in ways running never did.

Kristin getting her workout in while her oldest son Braden watches a movie with the gym dog.

“I’m more toned around my midsection,” Kristin said, “and my muscles are more defined. Jenny is amazing. I don’t know how she comes up with these workouts. Every day I’m like, ‘She’s got to be kidding me. No, I can’t do this, and then you wrap your arms around it and do it,” she said.

Candace said after coming to the Mom’s Class for six months, her strength and endurance are through the roof.

“I run outside the gym, and it’s crazy how much my cardio has increased,” she said, “and I’ve always had a bad back—this has made me stronger, and I have less back pain. Getting this all done in an hour is amazing—it would take me six hours on my own!” Candace said.

Adri and Candace enjoying each others company.

Candace, who has two boys ages three and six, said her increased strength comes in handy when she’s lifting kids in and out of the car.

“It totally reshapes your body,” Andrea said about the class, “for the time and effort it’s the best value.”

Setting an Example

Many gyms offer childcare with the kids stashed away in a kid’s club. At San Diego Athletics’ Mom’s Class, the kids are part of the experience.

Adri with her youngest (of 3 girls) Sierra.

Jenny puts on a movie for the bigger kids and even holds babies if needed, but the kids frequently watch and even imitate their mother’s movements.

Andrea said she thinks it’s important for kids to be exposed to fitness.

“It’s imprinting on your kids,” Andrea said.

“My son loves it, and it’s like my therapy, connecting with other moms, she said.

“It just works,” Candace said about having the kids there. At the end of the day, (the kids) are so happy to be there with their moms. It is really cool for the kids to see ‘mommy is doing it.’ Logan (her son) is so proud. He sits on my back during the plank workout!” she said.

New mom Melissa with her 9 month old son Ford.

It’s great to have other moms there, and getting to work out and bring the kids is even cooler, it changes the whole dynamic,” Kristin said. “The kids have fun too. They all get along,” she said.

Kristin said she feels a huge sense of accomplishment after every class.

I worked out, I took care of the kids, and I set a good example, she said.

“It’s the holy grail for a mom,” Candace said. “It’s like nothing I’ve ever done workout-wise.”

If you’re a mom of young children and are interested in joining the Mom’s Class,  call (858) 412-6012, email or visit

Kristin and Candace grinding through a band workout.



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