A. 4 Rounds (40 min cap):
***If you finish early, start on part B
Rest 30-60 seconds between each movement
Rest 2-3 minutes between each round
Choose weights that will push your ability to make reps UNBROKEN

2 Strict Press
2 Push Press/Jerks
7 DB High Pulls (see note below)
60 seconds AMRAP Kipping HSPU

***For the DB High Pulls
– STRICT movement from the hang (no momentum), pulling with ONE arm up to internal rotation at around the clavicle level
– The ultimate GOAL is to use 1/3 of your bodyweight for 7 reps PER ARM

B. On your own after class
For Time (6 min cap):

Run 400m
30 DB Snatches (alternate arms)
30 Wall-Balls


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