***Note that as the reps for Mon, Wed and Fri drop from 4 to 3, the loading should be *slightly* heavier than last week.

A. 4 Rounds (40 min cap):
***If you finish early, start on part B
Rest 30-60 seconds between each movement
Rest 2-3 minutes between each round
Choose weights that will push your ability to make reps UNBROKEN

3 Strict Press
3 Push Press/Jerks
2 Laps of gym (250 ft) “Uneven Walks” (switch hands halfway)
AMRAP 60 seconds “Plate ground to overhead” (45/25#)

***uneven walks = one heavy KB held at side with one lighter KB held overhead

B. On your own after class
AMRAP 7 min:
Reps 3-6-9-12-15-18 etc… Kipping HSPU
Complete 25 Double-unders after each set


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