***22 minutes to complete parts A and B

A. 1&1/4 Front Squats
Work up to challenging set of 2 reps
Then drop weight 10-15% and complete 2 sets of 3 reps

B. Quickly work to challenging weight:
Clean Pull + TnG Power Clean + TnG Squat Clean

C. Open Workout 14.4 – AMRAP 14 min:
***If you are performing ENTIRE workout “RX” start with Row
***If you are scaling ANY part of workout, start with 800m Run

60 Cal Row (Run 800m)
50 TTB
40 Wall-Balls (20/14# to 10/9 ft)
30 Power Cleans (135/95#)
20 Ring Muscle-ups



A. Back Squat – 5 x 5
***Two progressive sets then 5×5 at the same weight
***Increase weight following week when you make all 5×5 with same load

B. Alternate Movements x 4 sets each:
***Increase weight following week when all four sets are in the 8-12 rep range
(with the same weight for all sets)

DB Bench Press x 8-12 reps
Rest 1-2 min
Bent-Over BB Rows x 8-12 reps
Rest 1-2 min

C. Reps 20-15-10-5:
Scale Push-ups reps as 12-9-6-3 if needed to keep quality form

DB Thrusters (light/moderate)
V-ups (ADV GHD)


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