A. Back Squat – Reps 6-4-2 (increasing)
+ 2 sets of 3 reps @ 4-rep weight
Warmup Power Cleans for part B in between sets of Squat

B. EMOM x 10 min (alternating):

15-20 Double-unders + 3-4 TnG Power Cleans
15-20 Double-unders + 6-8 Dips or Pushups

Rest 6 min (till 16:00 on clock)

C. AMRAP 10 min:

60 Wall-Balls (20/14# to 10/9 ft)
40 Box Jump overs (24/20’’)
20 Burpees (jump onto plate)



Legs (Ham/Glute dominant) + Core
Parts A and B stay the same each week. Track these metrics.

A. Power Cleans (drop bar from top) – 2 reps EMOM x 6 min
*Complete all reps with same weight. If you are 100% happy with your technique, regarding all aspects of proper mechanics, then increase weight the following week. If there are any elements of “perfect form” that you would like to enhance, you should keep the same weight the following week.

B. “Stop” Deadlifts
Work to a challenging set of 3 reps
Then drop weight 10-15% and complete 3 sets of 2 reps
*Focus on speed of pull and perfect mechanics on 3×2 at lower weight
*Goal is to increase top triple the next week whenever you succeed

C. Superset Movements x 3 sets each:
Weighted Hip Extensions x 12-15 reps (DB held in front of body)
Good Mornings – 3 x 10-15 reps (moderate loading)
Rest 2-3 min

D. Complete 3 rounds of circuit:
Rest 2-3 min between rounds

15 Strict Hanging Leg Raises
15 Weighted Situps or GHD
30 Russian Twists (medball or DB)


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