A. Full Clean and Jerk
Work up to a challenging triple
(full reset between reps, 45 second “time-cap” to complete 3 reps)

B. Reps 21-15-9 (20 min cap)

Squat Clean Thrusters (95/65, ADV 135/95)
Burpee Pull-ups (ADV Ring Muscle-ups)


A. Pull-ups – 5 x 5
***Two progressive sets then 3×5 at the same weight
***Increase weight following week when you make all 3×5 with same load

B. Alternate Movements x 3 sets each:
***Increase weight following week when all three sets are in the 8-12 rep range
(with the same weight for all sets)

Dips OR Push-ups x 8-12 reps
Rest 1-2 min
Rear-Foot Elevated Split Squats x 8-12 reps per leg
Rest 1-2 min

C. AMRAP 7 min:

15 Front Squats (unbroken)
20 Push-ups (if Dips in B) OR Bench Dips (if Push-ups in B)
25 KBS


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