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Nutrition Challenge

Our next challenge starts on Jan 7th! Let us help you reach your goals! We provide you with everything you need to see results during the six week challenge.  Here is what is included: You get a diet plan customized to you, your needs and activity level.  With your specific diet in mind we teach …
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Jay Porcano’s 24 Hour Row

Jay’s 24-hour Row -Hilary Achauer Jay Porcano had always wanted to do a 24-hour row. “I suck at rowing, and I knew it wasn’t something I was good at, so I wanted to challenge myself,” he said. It was something Jay kept putting off until tragedy struck his family.   On October 15 Jay lost …
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September Member of the Month Mike Beausoliel

 This month we would like to honor an awesome guy who is known to frequent the 6pm and occasionally the 5pm class.  You can always expect to be greeted with a smile and friendly conversation when Mike is around.  He’s the guy always working to improve no matter what the skill, taking any feedback from …
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How to Overcome Gym Anxiety

Three tips for getting over your fear and creating a gym habit that lasts. Walking into a new gym is never easy. It’s especially difficult to walk into a CrossFit gym for the first time, and even harder if it’s been a few months, or years, since you last exercised. I recently interviewed a man …
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Ellie Robinson Member of the Month

August CFPB Member of Month: Ellie Robinson Rolling in everyday 1 min late to the 12pm class with her conference call on mute and headphones in, Ellie is determined to get her workout in!  She works like a boss but takes her lunch break even more seriously because that is HER time.  “Get me that …
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3 Reasons Why CrossFit can Benefit your Teenager

Why CrossFit Can Benefit Your Teenager There are most likely one of two reasons you’re reading this article. One, you’re a parent that would be thrilled if your kid was doing something that didn’t involve technology. Or two, you are the parent of a savvy teenager whose trying to convince you to let them try …
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