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CrossFit WOD Tues March 26th 2019

  CrossFit: A.) Back Squat & Hip Thrust superset Back Squats 5 Heavy Reps (climbing each set) immediately into; 5 Heavy Hip Thrusts (climbing each set) *Rest 90sec. Between Sets *Spend 20min. getting as many sets as you can. Aim for 4+ sets. *These Hip Thrusts are IMPORTANT. Do them! B.) 12min. AMRAP: 8 Front …
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CrossFit WOD Mon March 25th 2019

  CrossFit: With a running clock: A.) …at the 0:00 AMRAP 7: 15 Cal Assault Bike or Row 10 Pull-Ups B.) …at the 10:00 AMRAP 7: 100m Run 15 Push Press 95/65 C.) …at the 20:00 AMRAP 7: 15 American KB Swings 70/53 10 Cal Assault Bike or Row D.) …at the 30:00 AMRAP 7: …
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CrossFit WOD Sat March 23rd 2019

    CrossFit: 15min. running clock… Alternating Reps with a Partner 7:30min. of Snatching Start at 95/65lb. and add 20/10lbs every 10 reps. immediately into; 7:30min. of Hang Power Cleans Start at 135/95lb. and add 20/10lbs every 10 reps. Rest 5min. 15min. running clock… 42-30-18 Deadlifts 225/155 Calorie Assault Bike or Row AMRAP in remaining …
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CrossFit WOD Friday March 22nd 2019

  CrossFit: Coaches part A will help them get nice and warm so you can keep warm ups to just some light cardio and these stretches: Lat stretches Front Rack Stretches Low Back Stretches (7-8sec. Holds for a few rounds) A.)  50-60% effort. Groups of 2. Have some people start on the row portion and …
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CrossFit WOD Thurs March 21st 2019

                                            CrossFit: A.) 17min. to work up to a heavy complex of: 2 Front Squats + 2 Push or Split Jerks (Out of the rack) *The entire complex is 1 rep *Do as many …
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