Month: June 2017

CrossFit WOD Saturday July 1, 2017

A. Quickly warm-up Hang Power Cleans to 60-65% for 3 reps B. EMOM x 15 min (alternating movements): 3-5 reps Hang Power Cleans (60-65% max clean) 6-10 reps Kipping HSPU Double-unders (choose reps) Rest till 25:00 C. 4 Rounds (10 min cap): 12 TTB (scale as Hanging Knee Raises) 8 Two-Push-up Burpees (ADV 8 Burpee …
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CrossFit WOD Fri June 30, 2017

A. Power Clean / Power Snatch (alternate each week) Reps -3-3-3-2-1-1-1-1-1 THIS WEEK POWER SNATCH ***Increase weight each set, then all 5 “singles” at the same weight ***Increase weight ONLY ON THE SINGLES, once you can hit all 5 reps “perfect form” ***Full reset of hips at bottom (not TnG) B. Alternate Movements with 1-2 …
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CrossFit WOD Thur June 29, 2017

A. 5 sets: Run 200m Walk 200m ***Try to increase pace of RUN each round, so the last 200m is the fastest B. Partner Workout – AMRAP 8 min: Partners work simultaneously; one on each movement Switch once BOTH partners have completed 20 reps of their respective movement. 20 cal Row 20 Box Jump overs …
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CrossFit WOD Wed June 28, 2017

A. Strict Barbell OH Press Reps 8-6-4-2 (increasing weight) ***Increase weight on TOP SET once you make all 8-6-4-2 B. Strict HSPU – EMOM x 6 min ***Once you make 5 reps ALL MINUTES, increase difficulty next week ***Scale as Handstand Hold, Box HSPU, or with abmats C. Alternate Movements with 1-2 min rest between …
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CrossFit WOD Tues June 27, 2017

A. Front Squats / Back Squats (alternate each week) Warm-up to set of 2 reps that is 10% heavier than working weight Work sets – 3 x 5 (once you make all 3×5 with same load, add weight) THIS WEEK BACK SQUAT B. Bulgarian (Rear-Foot Elevated) Split Squats Warm-up with 2-3 progressive sets, then: Work …
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